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Fleet Safety

Equipment Specifications:

We purchase equipment from only the most respected and trusted manufacturers. In turn, they provide us with state-of-the-art models and types that meet or exceed Federal and industry safety standards such as ANSI, NFPA, SAE and CSA.

Observence of Manufacturer Safety Campaings:

When a manufacturer notifies Dayim Equipment Rental about safety campaign requiring some modification or upgrade, we take prompt action; with our maintenance mechanics or the manufacturer’s machanics.

Early Equipment Retirement:

We maintain the superiority of your rental fleet by retiring our equipment at an early age. By replacing equipment while it is still relatively young, we can give our customers equipment outfitted with latest safety features

Maintainence Training:

Our maintenance mechanics attend schools held by the manufacturers in an in-depth, classroom-type environment. They also attend periodic refresher courses and sessions at the branch(sometimes complemented by the manufacturers). Training topics include, but are not limited to, diagnostic, prevention maintenance, servicing, and operational safety guidlines.

Rental Equipment Inspections:

We invest a considerable amount of time and resource in performing “A” and “B” Service, examining the unit’s safety equipment, documenting maintenance and repairs, We also ensure that each piece of equipment has legible warning labels, a wheather resistant case holding an operator’s and manual’s and other safety features such as: functioning seat belts (if equipped), functioning backup alarm (if equipped), and functioning interlocks.

Familiarization of Rented Equipment:

Upon delivery, Dayim Equipment Rental delivery Personnel can provide equipment familiarization which typically includes: Identifying the Weather resistant compartment (for manual storage); confirming that the manuals, as specified by the manufacturer on the equipment; reviewing control functions; reviewing safety devices specific to the model equipment being delivered; and reviewing equipment daily operator maintenance requirements.

Equipment Safe Operation Training for Customers:

Dayim Equipment Rental can deliver Equipment Safe Operation Training to our customers using our qualified instructors for the following equipment we rent.