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Equipment Familiarization


Dear Customer,

As you should know, the Equipment Familiarization that Dayim Equipment Rental can provide to your employees does not satisfy the training requirements of OSHA and only a small part of the ANSI requirements. It assists you with training your employees on a few of the equipment-specific topics that you are probably including in your comprehensive equipment operator training program. Dayim Equipment Rental facilitator’s have been directed not to provide certification of training so that the Equipment Familiarization is not confused with a comprehensive training course. Of course, for recordkeeping purposes, you may want to have your employees sign a sign-in sheet and document the items that are covered during the Equipment Familiarization session. During Equipment Familiarization, we will, at a minimum:

  1. Identify the weather resistant compartment (for manual storage).
  2. Confirm that the manuals, as specified by the manufacturer, are on the aerial platform/forklift.
  3. Review control functions.
  4. Review safety devices specific to the model aerial platform/forklift being delivered.
    Upon request, we can loan you the Equipment Manufacturer’s Safe Operation Videotape to enhance your training program. Ask your Salesperson or Contact Us.


Dayim Equipment Rental does offer a Comprehensive Course that you can use to provide evidence that your employees have successfully completed the relevant classroom and practical training. However, by OSHA and ANSI standards, you must ensure that each aerial platform/forklift operator is competent to operate the equipment safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation.