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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am an new member/first time user, how do I Log on?

A: Company Administrator:

(1)If you are your company’s Account Administrator you would have received an e-mail with a User ID followed by a letter via US Post containing a Temporary PW. Using these two pieces of information, please enter them in the User ID and Password fields of the Log In box found on the homepage.

(2)Once your ID and Temp PW have been validated, you will be directed to the Update Profile page.

(3)Upon completion of you Profile, your account will be active.


(1)New E-Services Users would have received an invitation via e-mail containing an Invite Key.

(2)From the homepage, select the ‘I have an invite.’ link.

(3)Complete the required information and select Continue.

(4)Upon validation, you be taken to the User Profile Page.

(5)Complete the required information and select Submit, which sends your information to the Company Admin to review.

(6)Your account will be activated once your company’s administrator sets your user rights. You will receive an e-mail when this has been completed, and you have received access to your E-Services account.

(7)Please be sure to save your UserID and Password that you just created in a safe and secure place to access our site in the future.

Q: How do I get to my Reports?

A: Company Administrator:

(1)If your administrator has granted you access to company reports, you will have a Reports link in the My Account page.

(2)Select the ‘Reports’ link.

(3)Within the Reports page you will be presented with:

The Account Number current in session, with an option to change if you have access to other accounts.

The Titles of each of the reports that you have been granted access to.

Q: What is LDW?

A: Company Administrator:

When you rent equipment, you are responsible if the equipment is lost or damaged. If you purchase Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), which is not insurance, your responsibility is limited, so that the most you will owe for each piece of equipment is no more than 00 or double the 4 week rental rate, whichever is more. If the loss was caused by gross negligence, reckless or abusive use, or intentional damage, LDW does not apply. Damage from striking overhead objects, boom damage from overloading, and damage from rollover or upset is also not waived by LDW. Please check your rental agreement for the other exceptions where LDW does not apply.

Q: I am an existing Gold Service User from the previous website, how do I Log on?

A: Company Administrator:

(1)If you had an account on our previous website and this is the first time you are logging into the new site, enter the Personal Username in the User ID field and the Personal User PIN Code in the Password field. (Disregard the Corporate ID and Corporate PIN, as those are no longer needed.) (If you are uncertain of your User ID and Password please contact the Web Support Help Desk at: 888-658-5676).

(2)After your User ID and Password have been validated, you will be automatically taken to a Profile Update page. Enter the required information and select ‘Submit’.

(3)Upon submittal, your new profile will be updated and you will be directed to the Homepage. Your account is now active.

Dayim Equipment Rental Support

We are here to assist you

If you would like to speak directly to a Dayim Equipment Rental Representative, please call: 
KSA: 800-116-1006
QATAR: 800-4372
KUWAIT: +965 22257301
BAHRAIN: +973 3343 5224
UAE: +971 56 982 2039

You can also email us at